How can I book a session?

Send me a message or give me a call! My email is angaleejackson@gmail.com. My number is 801-660-9324. After we connect, pick a date and figure out what kind of session you'll need, I'll email you a digital contract which outlines the terms of our agreement.

What kind of images & how many will I receive?

Clients will receive fully-edited, high resolution, jpeg files. The number of images clients receive depends on the type of session, but I always give clients all of the best images.

How will I receive the images & who has access to them?

Clients will receive a link to an online gallery via email, which allows them to download their images for personal use. Galleries are password protected, but clients may share the links and passwords to their gallery with others.

Where can I print my images?

While clients may print the images at any lab of their choice, professional printing is the best way to ensure color accuracy and quality. However, client galleries include an option to order prints and other products from a professional printing company I trust.

Do I need a print release?

All copyrights are retained by the photographer. While printing is permitted, the photographer is the sole owner of all images, and may print or post them online at any time. Most printing companies don't require a release or license in order to print for personal use, but I will provide one. Commercial clients will receive a commercial use license.