The Investment

The session fee is $200 for families/groups of up to 8 people (add $10 per additional person; the total session price including $10 fee(s) for additional people will not exceed $400; $50 of the session fee must be paid in advance to book sessions for groups of more than 8 people, which is non-refundable).

The session fee is $150 for couples, engagements, and bride & groom sessions(only two individuals being photographed).  For a second location, add $50.

The session fee is $200 for newborns (within 4 to 7 days of birth).  A newborn session may take up to 3 hours, so plan accordingly.  Siblings and parents may be included in the session.  Contact a few weeks before delivery to schedule a newborn session.

The session fee is $100 for individuals (ie. children, adults, high school seniors).  An individual’s session includes 1 hour for 1 person.

The session fee is $200 for a corporate session.  A corporate session includes 1.5 hours at one location.  For additional time, add $100 per hour.

The session fee is $150 for bridals.  A bridal session includes 1.5 hours for the bride and/or groom at one location.  For a second location, add $50.

Weddings are completely customizable.  Prices vary with packages starting between $500-$1500.

Entrance fees to all session locations for the client and photographer are the responsibility of the client.

Prices are subject to change until you schedule your session.



All individual and family sessions include 1 hour, on location(Salt Lake or Davis County) or in studio.  In a family session I will take pictures of the whole group together, all individuals separately and in any other configuration we can come up with!  For extended family sessions, I will take pictures of the whole group together, grandpa & grandma with the grandkids, original children, grandchildren, individual families, etc.  Add $50 per individual family, to do pictures of each person separately.

You will receive a disc of 25-50 edited(teeth whitening, blemish removal, etc.), high resolution digital images and a print release so you can print whenever and wherever you like.

For more information, contact Angalee at (801) 660-9324, or